Legal Services

The CCMA received over 100 000 disputes, most of which are unfair dismissal disputes.

With our add-on legal service, we can effectively manage any case from the first initiation of discipline, through dismissal and to the conclusion of the referred matter - with a single strategy and alignment with any requirements throughout the process. Risk cannot be managed better!

We arbitrate across all industries and across South Africa.

You do not have to be a retainer client for us to represent you - if you have a specific matter and do not require additional services, we are able to guide, advise, assist and represent you.

Our rates are around one third of legal fees attached to this sort of service on the market - and there are no hidden costs. We will not bill you for additional time or additional preparation as the case is postponed or changed. The only additional fee that may be rendered is where travel is outside of 50km from the East Rand or flights and accomodation are required.

Our Arbitrators have extensive experience in the industry and specifically in effective and efficient arbitration, we keep the number of witnesses as well as the duration of your case to the barest minimum possible.

Brentwood’s Senior Industrial Relations Consultants represent our Clients, retainer or casual Clients, at the CCMA and the various Bargaining Councils nationwide at Conciliation, Arbitration and Con-Arb.

Where possible the Consultants assigned to you will be the Consultant that will represent you at Conciliation and Arbitration.  The Consultant’s familiarity with your circumstances, decisions and the events that led up to the dispute are vital in your representation at the CCMA.  The fact that the Consultant is generally aware of the events means that there is less left to chance, fewer surprises and a better opportunity to achieve the outcome you desire at Conciliation, Con-Arb and Arbitration.

Conciliation and Con-Arbs are included in the cost of yout monthly retainer.  Arbitration fees are discounted at a rate of 25% for Brentwood’s retainer Clients.

Some of the consultants at Brentwood are affiliated to the South African Employers Guild, a bona fide employer's organisation registered with the department of labour, making representation at the CCMA and Bargaining Councils in Arbitration possible.

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