Tomorrow’s national shutdown – is it going ahead?

There does not seem to be a definitive answer. It seems to be a construct of social media following the massive fuel price increase.

Responses to the rumours:
- COSATU, Santaco (South African National Taxi Council) and NTA (National Taxi Alliance) have distanced themselves from the rumoured shutdown.
- The EFF has not ruled it out.
- The government’s security cluster said it has already started to put measures in place to ensure the safety and security of South Africans. No applications for permits to protest were submitted to necessary authorities by any grouping in society.
- Law enforcement officers have been deployed across the country and they are on ‘high alert.’

Tomorrow will probably see some disruption as a result of the talk of a national shutdown with employees either late for work or absent.

The normal rules about absenteeism will apply: no work, no pay applies, and permission must be requested and received for any absence.

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