Goodbye to face masks.

As of yesterday (22 June 2022) the requirement to wear facemasks anywhere has come to an end.

The last major COVID-19 restrictions have been repealed:
- No more facemasks, anywhere.
- No more limits on gatherings.
- Visitors to the country do not need vaccination certificates.

From the gazette, the following sections are repealed immediately:
- Section 16A: “Wearing of face masks to contain the spread of Covid-19”, which required a mask in any public-use indoor space or when on public transport.
- Section 16B: “Regulation of gatherings to contain the spread of Covid-19”, which limited any gathering of more than 100 people to 50% of maximum venue capacity if everyone was vaccinated, or to an absolute maximum of 1,000 people indoors or 2,000 people outdoors if vaccination status was not checked.
- Section 16C: “Regulation of persons entering the country to contain the spread of Covid-19”, which demanded either vaccination certificates or recent negative PCR tests, or proof of recovery from Covid-19, from all travellers older than 12 entering South Africa.

What needs to change at work?
- Amend your COVID-19 procedures to exclude masks.
- Don’t change the symptom checking for now.
- Keep the protocols for detecting and dealing with infection.
- Amend your disciplinary code and related policies.
- This will probably have no effect on your mandatory vaccination policies.

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