Metal Industries Bargaining Council parties vote to extend the Main Agreement to non parties.

The Main Agreement has not been extended to non-parties, but the Bargaining Council parties have agreed that it should be.

Yesterday the 5 trade unions (MEWUSA, NUMSA, SAEWA, Solidarity and UASA), SEIFSA, Plastics Converters Association of South Africa and the Consolidated Employers Organisation agreed to apply for the extension.

SEIFSA claims that the employers’ organisations represent 71.57% of the of all employees employed by all the employers that are members of the Employer Organisations registered with the Bargaining Council.

The next step is that the 2021-2024 Collective Main Agreement will now be forwarded to the Department of Employment and Labour with a request for the Minister gazette the Agreement and make it legally binding on all employers and employees falling within its scope.

There is no indication of when this will take place, or how successful it would be. The last two Main Agreements have not been extended to non-parties.

If the Main Agreement is gazetted, then all Metal and Plastic Employers will have to comply with the Main Agreement, including their catch-up plan to realign wages in the industry to Metal Industry minimum wages, and not the National Minimum Wage.

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