On-site Human Resources Services

Brentwood can place a Human Resources Consultant on site to manage the complete Human Resources function for you. Our approach is to assume the entire Human Resources function with the emphasis on the areas that are of immediate concerns required, relieving, to a large extent, you of that responsibility.

Human Resources and Industrial Relations are vital and complex functions that need specialised professional expertise.  Important as these functions are, they are peripheral to your core business and time spent by managers on these functions take them away from their main functions.  They are also operating outside their area of expertise, thereby increasing your risk of costly mistakes.

Brentwood’s HR Services are unique in that we actually place an assigned experienced and dedicated consultant at your workplace

The needs of an average Human Resources Department under the current legislative climate often requires the a junior Human Resources person to handle the general aspects of the job a well as a more senior person to handle the specialized and specified aspects of the portfolio. 

Unique Team approach to HR Management.

We, therefore take a “team approach” to the management of your Human Resources.  Brentwood provides at least two such consultants assigned to each contract:

  1. A Human Resources Practitioner on site for a dedicated number of days or half days every week to carry out the day-to-day functioning of your HR Department, as well as
  2. An Industrial Relations Specialist as the Key Account Manager - assigned to your contract as constant support, guidance and management of the function

The advantage of this extended function is the back up, complete coverage of the HR and IR service, and the  support of the team of consultants from Brentwood at all times. Our clients reap the benefits of Brentwood’s constant training of all consultants at no additional cost.

The vital functions of Human Resources and Industrial Relations management are our core business and field of expertise.  We are able to handle the full range of Human Resources and Industrial Relations functions that you need, at specialist level, with extensive supporting expertise, all at competitive rates.

The beauty of our on-site Human Resources Management approach is

  • SPECIALISED: Your HR and IR needs are covered completely by at least two specialists in the field, with experience and knowledge tailored to your specific needs and priorities;
  • TRAINED: You do not bear the costs of keeping HR employees trained and up-to-date on the latest law, code, precedent or statement. Our Consultants are trained on a bi-weekly basis that ensures that we are all kept up to date with all legislative, CCMA and Labour Court precedents;
  • FOCUS: We relieve Management from the many time consuming HR matters - giving your Management Team time to focus on their primary function;
  • COMPLIANCE: With Employment Equity, Skills Development and other workplace-related legislation, by trained professionals who become the point of contact for unions, the department of equal opportunity and the SETA;
  • IMMEDIACY: Our Consultants enter your work environment, trained, skilled and practical - up to date;
  • EFFICIENCY: You have the peace of mind knowing that your HR issues are being handled professionally, discreetly and in compliance with prevaling legislation and precedent. Your exposure and labour risk is reduced;
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Your Consultant acts as your contact point and we can throw additional resources in and work around the clock if you are under the gun and need expedience;
  • INDEPENDENCE: As our Client, you do not have to provide chairman to any hearings that could hamper the employee/employer relationship, to avoid any negative implications in the Labour Relations Act;
  • OBJECTIVITY: As a third party, our Consultant does not get involved in any internal wranglings and can offer you pure, objective advice;
  • SUPPORT: Our Consultants have the backing of on-call legal advice from senior Consultants and experts on tap.

The Brentwood approach is cost effective and provides professional, comprehensive and flexible service.

Functions of the on-site Human Resources Consultant:

The service means that a Consultant spends a dedicated amount of time per week on site to handle all the required Human resources related functions and responsibilities:

  • MAINTAINING LEGISLATIVE RELEVANCE: Ensuring compliance with all current and changing labour legislation;
  • DISCIPLINARY ACTION, PROCEDURE, GRIEVANCE, COMPLAINTS: All actions including misconduct, incapacity both medical and performance-based, abscondments, demotions. All administration relating including minutes. All terminations of employment. Advising Management on relevant issues and developments on both substantive and procedural fairness. Retrenchments. Access for employees to Management. Grievance procedures and performance management systems. Closing that vital gap between an employee's complaint and the perception that the only recourse is to refer to the CCMA.
  • CHANGES TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Required consulting regarding any changes including promotion, transfer etc.
  • CONTRACTS OF EMPLOYMENT: Formulating and assessing contracts. Managing Limited Duration Contracts. Management of letters of appointment and confirmations. Presenting offers and management of the probationary process and probationers.
  • PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Compilation of Job Descriptions and Job Specifications. Establish and maintain a Performance Appraisal System. Drafting of Salary Brackets. Provision of ideal candidate demographics in terms of Employment Equity Numerical Goals.
  • POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: Drafting of all policies and procedures required by labour legislation. Drafting and training on a Manager's Procedures Manual and compilation and consultation on an Employee's Handbook. Implementation of an Induction Programme. Information and presentations on employee benefits. A list of policies as required by the Employment Equity Act is compiled and signed off with employees trained on the content of those policies and procedures. These include Recruitment and Selection, Job Classification and Grading, Remuneration and Benefits, Terms and Conditions of Employment, Job Assignment, Work Environment, Training and Development, Performance Evaluation and Management, Promotions, Transfer and Demotion, Succession and Experience Planning, Discipline, Grievance, HIV/Aids, Harassment.
  • FAIR LABOUR PRACTICES: Through policy and monitored application our Clients are in a position to avoid the pitfalls on unfair labour practice, particularly relating to demotion, promotion, training, suspension, benefit distribution and measures short of dismissal. Monitoring potential unfair labour practices and guiding Management through that exposure.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH LEGISLATION: We ensure compliance at your workplace with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Labour Relations Act, Employment Equity Act, Skills Development and Skills Levies Acts, Sectoral Determinations, Main Agreements, Promotion of Access to Information Act. We also have specialised Consultants who deal with the Broad-based Black Economic Empower Act, Revised Codes of Good Practice as well as Sector Codes and Charters - see our B-BBEE page.
  • EMPLOYMENT EQUITY AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Establish and maintain your Committee. Consult on relevant policies and procedures. Compile statistics, plans and minutes. Compile the final statutory reports and plans, including consultation. Relate your Employment Equity and Skills Development Plans to your objectives and to each other.

Functions of the Key Account Manager:

Your KAM will manage your HR Consultant on the practicalities of the HR responsibilites and prioritise and monitor your selected projects, including the quality of output.

Your KAM, as a senior Consultant, will represent you at the CCMA or Bargaining Council in conciliation, to the department of labour and equal opportunity and provide your Management Team with ongoing support and advice.

Your KAM will also conduct complex or sensitive disciplinary hearings and appeals and provide preferential assistance in the event of workplace unrest and any related actions as well as with any inspections or disputes with the department of labour. Trade union and organisational rights are managed by your KAM as well as any employee forums or committees.

Client Control and Information:

Your HR needs are determined within the following programme:

  1. A full IR and HR audit to highlight any immediate areas of concern and the basis of your emerging HR Programme.
  2. We discuss the outcome of your audit with you and map out a plan of action and programme to address your needs, prioritising the scope of your HR Consultant. You reserve the right to amend your programme or place in terms of your needs at any point.
  3. We report the achievements against that plan to you on a monthly basis right down to daily activities.

Off-site Human Resources Services

The on-site service focuses on Brentwood assuming the function of Human Resources management on behalf of the client.  The off-site Human Resources Management does not see dedicated time on site, and there is an emphasis on a combined approach where Human Resources are managed by both the client, employees and the consultant.  The bulk of the practical application is carried out by our your employees, but managed, guided and mentored by Brentwood’s Consultant.

This service works best where there are efficient and effectively functioning Human Resources staff at a client with management trained and active in the requirements of the Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Skills Development and Employment Equity Acts.

We always prefer to provide 2 Consultants in a team for off-site services, with the same structure as on-site consulting services. This ensures our clients enjoy similiar services as our on-site clients, but with the Client's employees carrying out the implementation of decisions, advice and strategy.