Services Offered

Brentwood has provided quality service in the field of Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Employment Equity and Skills Development as well as Legal representation at the CCMA and Bargaining Councils, and Counselling for the last 33 years.

In 2007 we added BBBEE consulting and verification.  In 2017 we added SETA accredited training, as well as Recruitment to our services.

We are a growing business, currently seeking 4 additional positions.

Starting out in 1984 Brentwood entered the Industrial Relations sphere providing services to our clients at a time of particular challenges at our clients’ workplaces.  Working exclusively for management, we quickly became part of your management team.

As South Africa developed, so did Brentwood, with an ever-adapting range of services as the workplace and legislation changed. 

In 1994 Bentwood moved to a more proactive and less reactive provision of services to our clients.  At the request of our clients the Industrial Relations services and legal representation expanded to provide on-site Human Resources Management, on-site Health, Safety and Environmental Management, on-site Counselling services and Training for management and employees.

As the employment landscape changed, we changed with it, but we have never changed our approach:

Brentwood works for management exclusively, providing practical, hands-on, on site cost effective advice and assistance.

Brentwood has chosen to service employers only.  This is not to say that we are biased in favour of employers regardless of the situation.  Our priority is the protection of our clients, the employer, in the face of legislation and workplace relationships.  It means that well-meaning advice or regurgitation of legislation is not something you will find from our consultants.  We are aware that the law needs interpretation and the workplace needs a range of actions to be carried out.  Our approach is a practical hands-on application of legislation to the workplace and the needs of the client.

Brentwood offers innovative and realistic solutions to our clients, tailored to their specific needs.

Our services have developed at the requests and needs of our clients.

Initially, three decades ago, our niche was specifically the small and medium sized owner-run businesses.  We still actively service this niche, but over the last 30 years our small owner-run clients have grown to include multi-national companies with a footprint all over South Africa and Africa.  Brentwood has kept pace with them and now services clients across the spectrum, from micro enterprises to multi-nationals in all sectors of the economy.  While the scope of the services provided is amended according to client requirements the quality of service and expertise will not be comprised

We are in a unique position, having grown up with our clients to be able to guide and assist our clients as they grow, to survive the challenges of that growth. 

Quality of service

Brentwood has never marketed itself.  We have grown our client base in excess of 250 retainer clients by the strength of service and the word of mouth of satisfied customers.  Of our large client base, at least 20 have been with us in excess of 25 years. Our very first client is still, 33 years later, one of our Prestige Clients.