Employment Equity and Skills Development

The complete facilitation of both functions can be conducted as on or or off-site service.  Generally, where there is an on-site HR function, this service is included.  However, you can opt to have the service on site for a dedicated number of hours to make sure the compliance with the legislation is there, and the fines avoided.

The service would include:

  • Creating the employment equity and Skills Development Committee
  • Ensuring the committee meets and remains effective and relevant within the requirements of the Act and the Codes of Good Practice
  • Compilation of the relevant statistics and data for the Equity and Skills Development compliance
  • All the relevant on-site consultation with the committee, and where necessary the trade union/s concerned
  • Final compilation and consultation on Employment Equity Report and SETA submissions with the Employment Equity and Skills Development Committee
  • Establishing, maintaining and developing the company’s Employment Equity Plan
  • Making and managing the required information disclosure
  • Recommendations of demographic profiles for each new vacancy and promotion with regard to the client’s Employment Equity Plan
  • Be the contact point for the Department of Labour, Department of Equal Opportunity and the SETA
  • The contract is limited to the Employment Equity Plan, EEA2 and EEA4 and SETA documentation to be submitted for the Employment Equity and Skills development deadlines
  • Information gathering would be compliant in terms of the requirements of the Black Economic Empowerment generic scorecard.

Our approach is similar to that of HR Services: a dedicated Consultant is assigned you for a specified time per month to ensure complete Employment Equity and Skills Development compliance.

Download relevant labour legislation here: